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Then we’ll help you set up an easy system to keep your books current going forward. Our bookkeeping solutions are designed with the entrepreneur in mind – you can pick and choose which additional services you may want or need, whether that’s today, next month, or two years from now. After you’ve completed your portion of the checklist, your onboarding lead will schedule a call with you to verify that our team has everything they need to get started. Then, you’ll be passed off to your dedicated bookkeeper – and most likely a dedicated controller, too. Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend on accurate, insightful financial information to manage their day-to-day operations, capitalize on opportunities, and sustain profitability.

  • From the special events we host to the flexible employee schedules we offer, a feeling of family spans our operations no matter if you are working from home or the office.
  • And it gives you a clearer picture of your cash position for addressing planned outlays and investments.
  • While tech is integral to what we do, we never forget that people matter most.
  • And if you have any issues at all completing your onboarding checklist, you can schedule a call with our team to troubleshoot.
  • These solutions save you time, simplify your operations, and make your financial data easier to manage, among other benefits.

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We offer value added services that help you structure and manage your business to its best advantage. We help new businesses get off the ground and provide objective assessments of existing ones. We help you establish policies and procedures to protect vital assets and perform audits to ensure the integrity of your records. You reap the benefit of increased efficiency, control, and insight. After signing up for bookkeeping solutions with our sales team, you’ll work with an onboarding team lead. This person is in charge of moving you through the onboarding process without a hitch.

Sharon Pierce CPA, MBA

We’re happy to invest the time to make sure that you understand and utilize all of the information we provide. Professionally prepared financial statements are also an essential resource when dealing with creditors (e.g., vendors, banks) and investors. But we don’t just give you these tools and leave you to it.

acuity accounting

Financial Service

We are frequently featured in industry publications and media outlets for our innovative approach to the insurance business. Acuity publishes a monthly newsletter with articles highlighting agency successes, Acuity news, and industry trends. Our commitment to a vibrant culture and community creates a foundation of lasting relationships. Our dedication to hybrid work, work-life integration, and employee-centric culture helps us attract and retain the best and happiest employees. Great business partnerships start with effective onboarding. While tech is integral to what we do, we never forget that people matter most.

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Our dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in and around the area. Whether you are a current or prospective client, rest assured that individuals and businesses who choose us receive competent and timely advice. When you use our professional accounting services, you get more than a collection of records and reports. You get the benefit of our skills, experience, and expertise.

  • The reason we say that you’ll most likely need a controller, even if it’s just at the beginning, is because most new bookkeeping clients need some catch up bookkeeping.
  • For every piece of tech we use, there’s a real person who’s got the accounting experience running the show.
  • We are here to protect what matters most to you and your family.
  • We also use and/or Veem to manage payments and bills, and Expensify to handle expense reports.
  • The action you just performed triggered the security solution.
  • We offer value added services that help you structure and manage your business to its best advantage.
  • Great business partnerships start with effective onboarding.
  • We help new businesses get off the ground and provide objective assessments of existing ones.

Leverage our technology stack team for recommendations on the 2,000+ cloud accounting software solutions out there. Take advantage of VIP service and pre-negotiated discounts from our technology partners. Rely on a certified team, who knows how to maximize each tool. Are you thinking of joining the ranks of small business owners? Along with a great idea and strong sense of the market you’ll serve, you’ll need a business and financial advisor who can help your dream take flight while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Signs You Need Catch Up Bookkeeping An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Bookkeeping, Tax, & How They Interact

By leveraging the right tools, you can get the financial info you need to make smart decisions – and help us work better together. It’s all about making your entrepreneurial journey less scary, and more filled with business success. They’ll get to know your business, your workflows, your goals – it’s all about making sure we deliver a service that feels tailor-made for you. That’s why we kick off with a free one-hour consultation.

Entry-level set up fee?

We offer additional services to complement bookkeeping so that as your business grows, we can grow with you. Our mission continues to be about doing our very best for each and every one of you. That means spending the time required to understand your needs. It means paying attention to details while forging an overall strategy.

While a computer software program may help find deductions, there’s no substitute for the quality of service and advice you’ll receive from an experienced tax professional CPA. When meeting with a new client, our first priority is to learn every detail about you and your financial goals. Leaving no stone unturned gives us the ability to create a roadmap for success that exceeds your vision for your business, family and future. “Wendy was also a key part of the team that represented Acuity in a legal case that set a precedent in the property-casualty insurance industry. Her recognition as a leader in accounting is well deserved,” said Ben Salzmann, Acuity CEO.